b_insider (b_insider) wrote,

Пошли валить олигархов. Дерипаска

"Конкурентная борьба" набирает обороты. Вот и противники Дерипаски не сидят сложа руки- почуяли запах крови,видимо.
The Sunday Times 
Steven Swinford and Jon Ungoed-Thomas
The Russian oligarch who gave hospitality to Peter Mandelson is this weekend revealed to have been linked to the former boss of one of Russia’s most powerful criminal gangs.

A High Court judgment details the alleged social and business links between Oleg Deripaska and Anton Malevsky, a Russian mobster. Malevsky was then reputedly the head of an organised crime gang and his brother Andrei had a 10% stake in Deripaska’s company.

Sunday Times: Дерипаска был связан с мафией


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