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Ай да комсомольцы, ай да большевички!

На дворе был 1927 год
 Ну вот, в сообществе ru_history   northghoul    пояснил:  "Олимпийский салют является разновидностью римского салюта, но с более высоким подниманием руки.
Это приветствие использовалось на VIII и XI летних Олимпийских играх в Париже в 1924 году и в Берлине в 1936 году соответственно. После окончания Второй мировой войны в виду большой схожести с нацистским салютом более не используется, хотя и не запрещён официально." http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Олимпийская_символика

На открытии Олимпиады 1936 года вопрос стал весьма политизирован
"There was a controversy over the question whether athletes would give the Nazi salute to Hitler as they passed by his reviewing stand. There was some confusion over this issue, since the Olympic salute, with right arm held out at a slight angle to the right sideways from the shoulder, could also be mistaken for the Hitler stiff-arm salute.[7] The Afghans, Bermudans, Bolivians, Icelanders, as well as the Italians gave a clear fascist salute.[7] The Bulgarians went a step further and not only gave a Nazi salute, but broke into a goose-step.[7] The Turks maintained the Nazi salute all around the track.[8] Half the Austrians gave the Olympic salute while half gave the Nazi Salute.[7] The Chinese and Filipinos used neither salute and instead put their hands on their hearts.[7] The crowd cheered the French, who they thought gave the Nazi salute, but there were conflicting reports afterwards on whether they in fact had given the Olympic Salute.[8] The British gave a simple eyes-right salute, and were coolly received.[8] The Americans gave a "hat over heart" gesture, and were given a noisy whistling reception as they left the stadium "which some European observers suggested was tantamount to the European 'raspberries'".[9]" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1936_Summer_Olympics


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